There are tthree trails on offer with the full 360 navigation of the Island at 58km and the half route 28km and the 12km. The entry fee (Package Price) for both longer distances is exactly the same, while the 12km is discounted slightly.

58km Route

As with all Ultras it should not be underestimated! The course is run in an anti-clockwise direction and will have 5 aid stations…

Expect the following….

28km route starts out down the beach and around the southern penisula just like the Ultra. But peels back through the middle. Expect the same as above, just shorter and less dune climbing.

28km Route

The 12km is by far the easiest, starting out with 6km of hard beach running and then looping back from the Inahca Museum, through the village, and back to Manico Camp.

12km Route