Nearly all access to Inhaca Island takes place via Maputo by ferry, chartered boat and aeroplane. The only other route used on a regular basis is to drive to Santa Maria where the Island is only a small hop across the channel. The drive is however a 4×4 route.

To get to Maputo you will have to fly or drive your own vehicle. The Kamatipoort Border is the best from the West (Johannesburg side) and Kosi Bay from the South (KZN side). The drive time from each border to Maputo is approx 2hrs, with the road from KZN being new and easy to drive.

Package Pricing – Rates are all per person sharing. If you book alone you will be paired with someone of the same gender, Please ensure you book together to ensure your group lodges together. Most of the bungalows are 2 sleepers, but there are 2 family units that sleep 4

Boat Package (3 nights)R6250.00
Standard Package (3nights)R5750.00
Boat Package (2 nights) R4750.00
Standard Package (2 nights)R4250.00
The standard package does not include the boat transfer
12k Boat Package (3 Nights)R5250.00
12k Boat Package (2 Nights) R4250.00
Run only 58k or 28kR2000.00
Spectators must select the 12k packages even if they don’t intend to run/hike

The Boat Option

Private Charter – for your account to go with standard package

This is a great option for the entrant wanting to travel on a flexible schedule. If you charter a boat in a group the cost is not too much more.